The Dairy


D & M Family Farm is milking 40-50 Holstein cows in a stantion barn. The cows get intensively pastured during the grazing season. They are also supplemented with corn, rye, hay, sorghum, oats, and corn silage that is grown right here on the farm. In addition the cows are fed flax meal, mineral, and kelp to ensure they get all the proper nutrients. These ladies are milked twice a day, every day of the year. Their milk production is a healthy amount without being pushed to the extremes. We feed and provide comfort to allow the cows to grow the highest quality of milk. Currently, their milk is shipped to Westby Coop Creamery in Westby, Wisconsin

The Farm

The dairy has been farming this land and farm for now three generations. Evolving and improving with each generation. The Christensen Family has entrusted D & M Family Farm to continue the legacy of successfully farming the land organically. Jim & Lori Christensen began transitioning the dairy and the land to organic in 1999 and began shipping milk organically in the Fall of 2001. After 35 years, the Christensen's are ready to turn a new chapter in their farming adventure by allowing a young farming family to learn from their vast knowledge of dairy farming, organically.

We strive for the most comfort for our animals. So we ensure to we have the best breed of cattle for our climate and landscape. We have rolling hills, thick wooded areas, and a few swampy areas on the farm. When the hot summers swelter in, we open the gates to the over-grown orchard on the farm or the cool areas of woods which provides ample shade in that hot, Wisconsin Sun. 

Our dairy cattle and crops are certified organic through MOSA. And we are excited to announce that everything that is produced on the is farm is also certified organic now! Organic is not just a label on D & M Family Farm, it is a way of life. Transitioning from previously being Christensen Dairy Farm, D & M Family Farm is striving towards becoming a hub for knowledge and resources for anyone looking for information on knowing where our food comes from, how it is grown, and how it gets to your table. 

As part of our efforts to enhance our knowledge, we are members of the Organic Trade Association. Even further, Meg Plucinksi, Co-Owner of D & M Family Farm, is a member of the National Dairy Council and the Farm Advisory Council. We use this opportunity to learn new and improved ways to produce the best products we can, but also to provide our customers with accredited information regarding the organic industry. 

In addition to the production animals on the farm, D & M Family Farm have an array of dogs, cats, and 4 pet goats. We are great supporters of many organizations involving all our animals. Please see our Local Resources

The cows are followed out to a new lush pasture everyday during the grazing season. In winter, the girls are let outside for a few hours each day for a snack of corn silage and to soak up some sunshine before getting let back in the barn with fresh bedding, clean feed areas, and a cozy nap. Our cows love visitors and some great '90's country music! 


The Produce



D & M Family Farm will be raising two flocks of Rangers this season. These chickens are hardy and lively. They grow slower than some breeds, which helps prevent common leg issues. Here on the farm, we believe in free-range, sometimes unintentionally. Our chickens are completely free range. No fences that restrain them. The way we make this work is by building a home for them that grows with them, thus they are used to their coop from just a few days old. This allows them always to return home at night. 

The chickens are fed a grain mixture of corn, rye, flax meal, peas & chicken mineral. They also are the insect exterminators on the farm. See PRODUCTS for more information of purchasing meat. 



Pigs on D & M Family Farm are raised on  a wooded pasture while still getting fed a mixture of corn, rye, flax meal, and pig mineral. These guys enjoy digging, or rutting. They are notorious for searching for bugs in the soil and finding a cool spot for a nap! 

The babies will begin their lives in a pen constructed to give them access to their mom, but a safety pen only they can access if she is getting a bit cranky! 


Once the piglets are too big to squeeze through the fence we will turn them out to a pasture just designed for them. Nestled in the woods filled with tasty snacks for them to dig for! To reserve your fresh pasture pork today see PRODUCTS.



Growing beef for consumption is important to D & M Family Farm, but does take time. To begin the process we are breeding some of our cows to an Angus bull, which will provide us with cattle that are genetically better for consumption. For a great selection of local beef producers see our Resources Page! 


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