We have eggs!!

We finally have our own eggs! Certified Organic, free-range eggs! (Fun fact- not all certified organic eggs have to be out free ranging or really even on grass! The organic rule is that one square foot is required for each bird. See here for more details!)

These ladies are that Heritage Breed Chickens that I wrote about earlier! See this post! The eggs are not HUGE, but they are a good, average size. The yolks are a deep orange, and the shells are nice and hard! These chickens do get some soy right now because all the chickens get the same feed. But once we send in our final batch of meat birds, they will get less soy.

We tried to not feed any soy, but we found that our chickens need the amino acids found in roasted soybeans! They simply were not growing well without it! So we feed just enough to ensure they get the nutrients they need, then supplement their protein with ground flax seed and alfalfa. This allows for them to still get the amount of protein they need, in addition to a great variety of nutrients to keep them healthy! See this information to learn more about why soy is essential (when not used in excess) for poultry growth! Please reach out if you have any questions!

The eggs will be in limited supply until all the ladies get to laying, but they are available to order online! If you would like a large amount please email or call us, do not order them online!

If you mention this post- I will take a dollar off a dozen! See you soon!

*Side note this is a really old picture! We have since completely remodeled our house, and cut Wyatt's hair! Always fun to see how far we have come!

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