Spring Customers! Read this!!

Hello! This is for anyone that has purchased chicken from us earlier this year! Pretty much anyone that has purchase or tried the chicken between January to June! I am sure I told you that they were a different breed than our usual meat birds! And that we were going off of dates of when they should be ready, and not by their actual size!

Please, please try our chicken again! We have received lots of great feedback, and we know that they were tougher, not as meaty, and had very thick skin! This is no longer the representation of our chicken here!! We have figure out a lot of things throughout this summer and seem to have now mastered some excellent, meaty, super flavorful chicken! I am so positive you will love this chicken now, that I would like anyone that ordered earlier this year to please order again, and we will give you 50% off! Yes- 50% off for anyone that ordered earlier this year! I have most of your email address so I will try to send out an email letting you know this too! Please let us show you that we have taken all the feedback we have received, and we have greatly improved our practices to grow even better, clean food! Please give me a call or email or text if you have any questions!! Please! Do not give up on us!


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