Poultry Brine

I hate recipes that I have to scroll through to find so....I will add tidbits of info at the end!

Start with a large pot.

Sauté some fresh garlic very lightly in butter or good olive oil. (I do not like to cook much to keep it good and strong.)

Add any fresh or dried herbs you would like. I tend to add a lot, but we love strong flavors here! DO NOT BURN THE HERBS! Just heat enough to smell them.

I have used fresh basil, parsley, sage, mint, lemon balm, garlic chives, and onions to name a few!

Add about a cup of salt and sugar. (you do not have to add sugar- we are sweet people, I have found honey is not a great substitute here.) More or less to taste. Give it a taste before you add the chicken. *something I learned long ago, if you don't like a brine or marinade before you cook it, you won't like it after. So give it a taste and alter as you like.

Add just enough water to dissolve the salt and sugar. Heat just until dissolved. Add cold water. Place rinsed, whole chicken or cut up chicken in the pot. I always add my chicken first because I am notorious for adding too much water, then over flowing the pot. place a tight lid on the pot. Put in the fridge for at least 24 hours. Often I forget about it until 48 hours. The chicken turns out tender every time!

Simply cook however you would like. I have grilled, baked, smoked, & pan fried. Always good! Unless I forget to set timers....but the flavor is always good!

You can alter this how every you want. The idea is to tenderize the meat with clean herbs and salt. This will give you the tender taste that you get from the grocery store, but without all the undisclosed chemicals!

What is super fun about our chickens and where we get them processed, Twin Cities Pack in Clinton, is that our chickens come back with a mere 2.2% of water in them! The industry standard is between 8% and 22%, so you are getting exactly what you would expect when you purchase from us. Straight chicken. No chemicals, no fillers, no questionable tenderizers, nothing we can't grow ourselves! Pure, organic, free range, loved chicken. Nothing more, nothing less.

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