Let's support local!

So its not just consumers that can support local, but as farmers it is just as important that we support local also!

So here at D & M Family Farm, we do our best to support any and all local business we can! We avoid chains as much as possible! We get any of our feed, all our seeds for crops, and miscellaneous fencing supplies from Frank's Organic Feed Mill in Jefferson. Most of our building materials are recycled from the farm, but we try to get everything else from our local True Value in Palmyra or Ace in Fort Atkinson. We love that we chat about kids, hunting, and some current world events when we go into these stores! We are people. We are all people. When people purchase anything from us, we want that money to stay in our communities. So when we sell some chicken or coffee or eggs, and you pay with your hard earned cash- we turn around and head to mill to pay for more feed, or the local second hand shop, or if we are feeling adventurous we head head to our favorite local restaurant, Paddy's in Fort. Seriously, the Irish Nachos are the only thing that keep me sane somedays. You can trust that your hard earned money stays in your community when you shop here.

In addition, we are talking with several local restaurants to use our chicken occasionally for specials and such. We are hoping to let the community see that we are not just raising the food we do to make loads of me, no farmer gets into farming for money...But we do this because we want to keep supporting our friends & family. We want our community to thrive! We do not want to go to the big cities for things. We want to keep our community sustainable and healthy! So if we can make it so some of your favorite restaurants can get a little less of their supplies off a truck* that travels all over, and a little more from their neighbors, that is what we are going to do! Because we have the philosophy here that if we can't all work together as a community, we will never be a community!

side note- many of our restaurants do not have options anymore than to get their food from big suppliers where food travels hundreds and hundreds of miles to get to your pretty plate. This can only change with you! With the customer agreeing to pay a little higher price for food that grew a few miles away, on a small scale, that you can go see and touch and smell! A farm that you can see respects its creatures and food, that gives their animals the best life they can so that the animals can give us the best nutrition possible!

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