Busy Mom's Chicken Broth!

So I am a mom of one sassy princess and two Neanderthal boys! We have about 400 chickens roaming around the field attached to our yard, milk ~30 cows, have 10 teenage piglets trolling through the yard, several retired goats, a pot-belly pig (aka a dog with a defect), dogs, cats, and anything else I may have forgotten or don't know about yet!

Our life is busy. But we love it. We also hate wasting anything. So here is my philosophy on broth. Just throw it in!

One - 6 qt Nesco roaster will make about 3 qt jars of broth.

1-2 chicken cooked chicken carcass

Any veggie scraps in the fridge

season as you like

a bunch of garlic cloves, peeled and a good squish just to open up

Put all the wanted ingredients in the nesco, fill to the rim with water. Bring to a boil, then turn down to a simmer. I set about 200. For 2-3 days. You can add as little or as much extras as you would like! This picture, I added nothing at all. Not even salt, just to test out the flavor. And it is EXCELLENT!

Pressure can or freeze!

Now this was made with out heritage cross breed chickens. These birds are a cross between several different "old fashion" breeds. They are not quite as meaty as the birds that are bread just for meat, but these birds have the most beautiful bones with a lot of marrow- or all the super good nutritious stuff in the bones. I have made broth with all the different breeds of chickens that we have, and these heritage cross chicken certainly provide the most flavorful and healthy broth!

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