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Raise your own food! We have a plethora of little boy calves available. These guys are currently on milk from their moms. They age from 1 week - 1 month old. They are certified organic, can include certificate. They are New Zealand Holstein crossed with Jersey. They will produce lean, very flavorful beef in about 2 years. We are raising them as beef cattle that we will have for sale from the farm. But we always support people wanting to grow their own food! We will be available to answer questions throughout the entire life of the animal! We can help direct you to processors, feed, & more also.

This age calf will require milk in the form of replacer or raw milk from cows. Right now they get fed 2x per day. They will get weaned when about 4-6 months old, meaning they will slowly switch over to all hay, grain, and water. They will need a house to protect from the elements, and straw or shavings for bedding. They do not necessarily need a "calf hutch" but any kind of protective housing. They are social creatures, so they should not be alone. These guys are used to pigs, goats, and chickens. They just like friends!

Calves still on milk are $200. As they grow the price will increase. All are steers (meaning- no testicles included to avoid angry hormones).

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