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Meat Chicken Deposit 2021

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Please reserve the number of chickens you would like next year to give us an idea of how many to order. They are Sunnyside Ranger. They are a cross between the Broilers and a heritage breed to give them the great ability to grow at a healthy rate and have great genetics to be totally free range.

Chicks will be started Early April, ready for processing Late July 2021

If you want over 200 birds please contact us before you order. Non-Refundable Deposit is $1 per chick. There will be much more limited number next year. If you would like any other breeds from Sunnyside Hatchery raised for meat or egg production please contact us before you order.

As always all animals here are certified organic and free range!

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Prices are subject to change without warning, we are always trying to keep our costs low, we will update the prices frequently to ensure we are charging the lowest price possible.

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