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Hog Reservation - Whole (JUNE 2021)

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Certified Organic Pork available June 2021.

The pigs are going in for processing at Solar Meats in Soldier's Grove, WI on June 3, 2021. Solar Meats is a certified organic processor! Happy dance here!!

A whole hog is expected to have a hanging weight around 175-200lbs. Please understand this is our first year raising "free-range" pigs so the weight may vary slightly. We have given them ample time to grow, so they are not expected to be any less than that weight!

Deposits are non-refundable and are deducted from the final hanging weight.

A whole share of pork will yield approximately 140 to 180 pounds of freezer meat.


Whole Hog - meat hanging weight(175 - 200 pounds) x $4.50 = $787.50 - $900

Processing included in price!

These pigs are truly certified organic, NOT just "organically raised". These pigs have been inspected and followed since they were conceived to be 100% certified organic! We are one of the few farms that have USDA certified organic pork available in whole, half, & quarter quantities.

Typical Whole Share (Processor will call to specify your preferences!)

  • Chops, 1" thick: 24 packages (2 pieces to a package)
  • Shoulder steaks, 1/2" thick: 8 packages (2 to a package)
  • Shoulder Roasts: 4 (approx 3 pounds each)
  • Ribs: 2 slab
  • Neck bones: 2 package
  • Ham and Hock (smoked*, fresh or ground): ~60 lbs (custom cut)
  • Bacon and jowl bacon: 20-26 pounds
  • Trimmings for Sausage:
    can be made into breakfast sausage*, Italian sausage*, brats*, or ground pork

*Additional costs will apply

Specialty wrapping will have an additional charge.

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Prices are subject to change without warning, we are always trying to keep our costs low, we will update the prices frequently to ensure we are charging the lowest price possible.

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