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Dempsey Farms - Premium Ground Beef

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We are super excited to help support another local family farm! Dempsey Farms near Eagle, WI is where Meg was raised! The Dempsey's are a generational farm that produces high quality milk for Grande Cheese- the specialty cheese that most pizzeria's use! They have been breeding some of their Register Holstein cows to the famous Wagyu beef!

While all farms are trying to adapt in this every changing world, the Dempsey's are excited they are now able to provide this high-quality beef to our community! While they are not organic, they never use hormones or un-necessary inputs! Their cows are all well loved and treated like royalty! The steers are raised with the dry cows, which means they are not pushed to grow super fast or stuffed full of corn & grain. They are simply allowed to grow and live their best life in a great, happy herd! They all have access to pasture all the time and enjoy the sunshine and visits every day!

At D & M Family Farm, we are in support of all honest farmers! And we know that as a small, organic dairy we only have so much product available. So we are so excited that we can help get more high quality, local meat out to the community and strengthen our farming community, together!

Premium, Wagyu-Cross Beef grown right outside of Eagle on a beautiful, generational family farm will be available March 2021! To be contacted when the beef is available please fill out this form! You will be contacted when the beef is ready for pick up!

*Price may vary depending on the cost of production. But expected price is around $7-$10/lb. These guys are still growing so we will update the price as we move through winter, this is just an estimate.

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Prices are subject to change without warning, we are always trying to keep our costs low, we will update the prices frequently to ensure we are charging the lowest price possible.

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