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Certified Organic Pork

Certified organic pork available June 2021! They go in to the processor June 3 2021. Our processor is Solar Meats in Solider Grove, WI.

Heritage Breed Chickens - WHOLE

These are breeds that many of our grandparents may have raised! They are slower to grow, but provide excellent flavor and nutrition that we all love! We are growing Special Black chickens and Barred Rocks this year. If you have any other breeds you know about that would like us to try to grow in the future, reach out to us!

These specialty breeds are a little more costly to grow and smaller in size. We are confident the flavor is great! If you have any questions, please reach out to us before you order!

Berres Brothers Coffee

We are excited to announce we will now offer Berres Brothers Coffee available to order a variety of kinds. We will also have 3-4 kinds available to simply pick up from the farm anytime!

Other Local Farmers

Raise your own food!

Let us get you started in raising your own food!

Prices are subject to change without warning, we are always trying to keep our costs low, we will update the prices frequently to ensure we are charging the lowest price possible.

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