Local Resources

 This list is comprised of farmers and producers that we trust to provide the highest of standards in locally grown, clean food. We purchase and consume products from everyone on this list. Please contact us with other local farmers we can check out! We encourage everyone to shop local when they can


This includes vegetable and fruit producers in our area that are excellent certified-organic farmers. These are farmers that we personally know and trust to provide our community with the best products while nurturing the land!

High Meadow Farm - Johnson Creek

High Meadow Farm provides us with all our certified organic produce! The excellent selection of veggies & excellent CSA set-up, High Meadow Farm also sells at the local farmer's markets! We purchased the Winter Share option this year. The amount of produce included is a crazy ton! The ability to modify your box also helped us be able to choose produce that we can really get to keep through the winter months! This group of farmers is really one of a kind rockstar group! Be sure to tell them we sent you! 

Meat Products

While we have yet to find an organic beef producer in the area we have found a few farmers that are doing some really great things! We are also in the process of setting up the farm to produce our own certified beef! So stay tuned for more on that!  

While we do grow a lot of meat products, we do not grow enough to supply everyone, so we have found some other local farmers that would love your support! We all do better when we support each other! 

Koehler Riverview Farm

We sell all our bull calves to Tim & his family to raise natural beef. They do an excellent job with staying as natural and NON-GMO as possible! While not certified, we love this beef so much we actually purchased a steer from the Koehler's for our freezer earlier this year! We borrow the high quality Angus bull from them also to breed some of our heifers to Angus! Be sure to tell them we sent you! 

Keller Farms

We recently purchased two lady pigs from Josh & Jessica Keller. They are honest, Christian pork farmers that raise pork right on their farm. In the beautiful, rolling hills of Mineral Point, this family raises all the pigs on pasture, weather permitting, with non-GMO feed, free of hormones or feed additives! While they are not certified organic, they are in the same boat as us lacking a processor! They do sell cuts directly from their farm. If traveling out to Mineral Point isn't an option, let us know, we would be happy to help get you connected!

Century Sun Oil

Located in Pulaski, WI on the Johnson's 140 year old family farm, Century Sun Oil produces high-quality sunflower oil! Buy online or let us know if your interested, and we would be happy to facilitate getting some of this super healthy oil! Check out their website for more info, http://www.centurysunoil.com/

Little Red Farm

Located near Whitewater, WI, Stephanie & Cody Brueggen started their own grass-fed beef farm a few years back and have been providing the area with high quality, clean food since! They offer pork, chicken, maple syrup, and soon honey directly for sale from their farm! They are also not certified organic, but working towards that! They strive to grow honest, clean food as much as we do! Be sure to check out their Facebook page too! 

Dairy Products

Westby Co-op is offering more and more organic products! This is where milk from our farm is shipped to every day! You can get an array of cheeses and butter from their store in Westby, WI. But you can also purchase a nice selection from Woodman's. Festival in Fort Atkinson also carries the Organic Sour Cream, French Onion Dip & now Cottage Cheese! Every purchase you make of Organic Westby Product you are directly supporting our business! If you would ever like to try any of their organic products, but can't make the trip to the store, we can get it delivered with the milk man! Just let us know what you would like and we can get it! Thank you for supporting our farm!


Tree Service - Some of our greatest friends have ventured out to start their own business called Mode Tree Care. They are fully insured and have the most incredible skills and respect given to each job! We have even taken our kids to watch some of the unbelievable jobs they have done safely and efficiently! Jessi & Nate are a husband and wife team that provide the best tree care services in the area! Contact them today for all your tree needs! Modetreecare@gmail.com or 262-345-2410

Feed Mill- Frank's Organic Feed & Supply has all your organic needs and knowledge from household pet supplies, garden needs and support, and agriculture needs! Joe Carnes is the best in his business! If he doesn't have what you are looking for, he will find it! Check him out, today! 

Grow your own food! - Sunnyside Hatchery is the best hatchery in the Midwest! Trust us, we have tried nearly all of them! All our chicks come from this family-owned hatchery out of Beaver Dam. They are beginning to hatch new breeds of chicks! We were asked to grow a few of the new dark blue skin breed! Check out our Facebook page for the progress on these absolutely beautiful chickens! 

Restaurants & Dining Experience
The Black Sheep in Whitewater, Wisconsin. Tyler Sailsbery owns and operates this high class dining experience restaurant. I am always hesitant to recommend restaurants due to food sourcing discrepancy, but this classy, comfortable establishment sources nearly everything from the local community- DOWN TO THE BOOZE! We enjoyed the best steak and Old Fashions' in the area last Saturday night! It is pricier but the quality of the food is next to none! In addition by supporting Tyler and the Black Sheep your hard earned dollars are staying right here in the community! How cool is that! Be sure to tell them we sent you! 
The Cafe Carpe
Located downtown Fort Atkinson, the Carpe sources much of their homemade food from local farmers! They offer absolutely delicious food and excellent conversation! This family owned and operated restaurant and bar offer a smaller menu with a HUGE emphasis on flavor and quality! You will not have a bad meal here! I guarantee it! Tell them D & M Family Farm sent you! 

**If you are a producer that would like to be added to this list please Contact Us so we can get to know you and check out your awesome products! 

We are out in the community searching for others- if you have recommendations PLEASE contact us! 

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