Educational Information

Education is everything to us on D & M Family Farm. We never want to stop learning! We encourage deep discussion on all topics! We are very thorough in our research in topics that we find important to our way of life. Check out a few of the links we have below!


Knowing our history secures our future! We are avid history enthusiast, especially Agricultural History. Learning how technology and farming practices have evolved over only our rather short history is astronomically. The American innovation and perseverance is like none other in the world! Check out Wisconsin Agriculture: A History by Jerry Apps. This book is an excellent resource to discover so much about where our state has grown and adapted from! Even for non-farmers, this book is very well-written and hard to put down! Let us know what you think after reading it! 


Science is the evidence that we need to make informed choices in how we live. Much of the science today is not clearly defined or able to be found, especially when "proprietary" ingredients are hidden behind words like "fragrance" or "Parfum". While we are still gathering our scientific articles, check out "Stink" on Netflix! 

Another interesting docu-series is "Rotten".

Non-Glamourized Science- 

Zach Bush MD

National Organic Program (NOP)-

You will find many of the guidelines we are required to follow to maintain our organic certification. We are audited and inspected annually and can have surprise inspections at any time. 


Our certification is through MOSA, which is an organization that cares about farmers and consumers almost as much as maintaining the certified organic labels integrity. They are dedicated to certifying farms that maintain honest and compliant farmers that respect the guidelines. MOSA is constantly following the NOP for updates to ensure their farmers are on the front lines of updates and guidelines to ensure the truly organic food produced gets into the hands of all consumers! 

We live in an exciting time where one can find nearly any "truth" on the internet! There is so much to decipher and interpret! We do not endorse  or promote any person, business, or organization directly. We do support peer-reviewed, respected studies and accredited organizations. 

**Check back soon for more information we have found useful!

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