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The Porch Store

All products raised on D & M Family Farm are certified organic and are processed in certified organic processing facilities. You will also find no animals on our farm are fed any soy products. Learn why on our Educational Information page! Prices will vary on seasonal and market variations. Contact Us for more information. 


Poultry is raised completely free-range, meaning no fences containing them. They have a home coop that they return to each night. We are able to do this by allowing their home to grow with them from two days old on. Poultry are purchased from Sunnyside Hatchery in Beaver Dam, WI. They are certified organic from day 2 of life. They are fed and grazed organically. They are processed by Twin Cities Pack. Poultry on a per pound basis of final weight. We are offer pieces and cuts including half, leg quarters, breast with back portion, and wings. Price varies with market prices. If you wish to have large quantities custom raised please contact us today!

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Pork is not yet available for purchase. We will be offering certified organic pork in whole, half or cuts by next summer. Weights of a whole pig will be between 160-200lbs hanging weight. The pork will be processed at at a certified organic processor. Pigs are fed organic grains grown on the farm and purchased from Frank's Organic Feed & Supply in Jefferson, WI. They are pastured once they are large enough to not squeeze through the fence, as piglets are very hard to catch! The pigs get to forage in the woods to search for tasty snacks, and stay cool in the hot sun. 

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Important Info

Meat sales are first come, first serve on orders placed. Processing is included in poultry prices. Poultry will be picked up from the farm or a scheduled drop off.  

Processor costs for custom raised pork and beef are additional directly to the processor for cuts of meat and specialty products you may like provided by the processor. Be sure to ask when ordering that all their spices and additives are certified organic.


Prices for animals are on a per pound basis. We pride ourselves in keeping our costs as low as possible to allow for competitive prices of the final product. We welcome guest to visit the farm to see where their food is grown. All our animals are kid-friendly and handled daily. For more information on these products see The Farm page.