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About Us



Hello! Thank you for getting to know us! We are Derek, Meg, Wyatt, Fitzgerald, Eleanor, and Elvira. We are farmers. We started as dairy farmers, raising animals for meat as a side endeavor, but recent events changed our course drastically. 

Our story starts several years ago, when we were connected with a farmer looking to retire from the agricultural world. We entered a land contract with the farmer and away we went at seeing our dreams become reality. After 4 years of making the existing dairy farm our own, surprising news of the previous couple deciding to part ways and needed to sell the farm outright. After grueling months of business planning to make such a small dairy work for a bank to lend the money, disaster struck again. Just a short time away from closing on the property, the dairy barn went up in flames. We watched on September 11, 2022, our entire way of life and the future we were excited for, turn to ashes. 

Thankfully, no animals or humans were harmed in the devastation! But the ruins remain. After weeks of cows moving from farm to farm trying to keep money flowing in, and Derek working 16 hours a day, we decided to let go of all we knew. The cows sold on October 26, 2022. Watching our cows get auctioned off, one by one, was heart-breaking. But after taking a few days away from the farm, we cleared our minds. Re-focused our faith back on honoring God with the skills He has giving us, and ready for the ride ahead. 

Raising animals and crops will be our plan for going forward after so much tragedy, though much still relies on the previous owners upholding their end of the deal with us to continue farming. We pray for our future and our fluidity of following God's Plan for our family.

Thank you for the prayers and support! 

D & M Family Farm 

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